Thursday, June 9, 2011

Banana Whoopie Pie with Chocolate-Peanut Frosting

At some weekend, J asked me to bake pie. Out of nowhere.

Well, because he's gonna cook for the weekend, I asked him if he want me to bring some dessert. And pie is what he asked for. Why pie? I don't know. Really.

Anyway, and so I search "pie" at Tastespotting and Foodgawker. But another "pie" came out. And I kinda like this "pie" better. You know, with the frosting and the cakies (cake-cookies, yeah I just created that word). I mean, who doesn't like frosting, you just gotta ignore the calories and you're good to go for it. Go. Now.


I haven't share the recipe yet. It's from Martha. The Banana Whoopie Pie.
And about the chocolate-peanut frosting, err.. I kinda forget where I got it. Basically, I just put a tablespoon of butter, sugar and a lot of sugar to the chocolate-peanut spread. Mix them together. Done.

Enjoy :)

Side note : I'm thinking to change my header. A lot of ideas in my mind. But I'm not sure which one suit The Butterism. You have an idea?

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