Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beer Braised Chicken and Onion

I have the inspiration to cook something with beer when I tried Beer Beef Stewed from Le Petit Déjeuner last saturdate with Mr. J. And then, I came across this recipe from Simply Recipe 

Well, long story short, let's just cut to the chase. Here's the recipe or you can go to that link above for more step by step direction :D

Beer Braised Chicken and Onion
Cooking time : 2-3 hours
Serve : 2 hungry couple
note that I halved this recipe and slightly change some of the ingredients. And I find the liquid and meat ratio from Elise's recipe really perfect.

1 tbs olive oil
3 chicken tight
3.5 cups yellow onion, sliced
1 tbs brown sugar
1 bay leaf
3 stems fresh thyme
1 tbs dijon mustard
175 ml dark beer (I use Guinness, since it's easier to get)
125 ml chicken stock
black pepper
1. Pour the olive oil in a large pot with lid, over medium-high heat. Place the chicken tight skin side down in the oil. Salt the meat side lightly. Brown the chicken real nice on both sides. Remove the browned chicken from the pan and set aside.

2. Drain off the fat from the chicken skin and left about 2 tbs in the pan. Do not remove the browned bits yet. Lower the heat to medium and add the sliced onion to the pan. This is optional, but in this step you can the brown sugar to intensify the sweetness of the onions. Cook the onion slowly, stirring occasionally, until they begin to brown. That's about 15 minutes.

3. Add the beer and chicken stock, bay leaf, thyme, mustard and salt to the onion. Scrape up any browned bits in the bottom of the pot using a wooden spoon. Add the chicken tight and bring to simmer.

4. Cover for 45 minutes, then uncover the pot and simmer well until the liquid is reduced and the meat starting to fall off the bone, about 1 hour. Taste if you still need seasoning. You can serve it over chicken noodle, pasta, rice or just vegetable (carrot and broccoli)

5. If you find it too oily, you can scoop off the oil using a large spoon. Drag the edge of the utensil just under the layer of oil to collect it. You will end up discarding a little bit of the soup, but this is unfortunately unavoidable. If you're using butter (instead of olive oil like me) you can place the soup in the fridge and the fat will solidify and make it easier to scoop.

Note : this soup is even better the next day, after you heat it up and simmer it more, the soup will reduced more and creates more intense flavour

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Butterism on Tea Party

Strawberry, Lemon and Mint

I always love Chartreuse, this apple green color

Yayy~ I was so excited when my boss ask me to join her little showcase party. So the idea was several designers gather in this one event showing their artworks, and sell them, of course. There's clutch, accessories, shoes, dress, toddler clothes, and me as the pastry designer (that sounds good, isn't it? pastry designer :) )

I was a little bit worried, though. This is my first time trying to sell what I b
aked. So far, I just baking for my own happiness and relatives birthday. Oh, and for my boss' anniversary too. Wondering and asking myself, am I capable to organize my little showcase? Here's the thing, I'm a pessimistic, but on the other hand, J's annoyingly an optimist and positive person. Then he convinced me that I definitely can do this. So, what the heck, let's do this! :)

After couple days of research and research, I decided to bake :
1. Margarita Cupcake. which is basically a vanilla cupcake, with lemon cream cheese frosting, plus lime and straw for garnish.

It supposed to be a key lime with white pulp.
I accidentally grab the wrong lime -.-"

2. Saint Honoré. I was so intrigued to bake this when I saw this LV's video ad and this post. I never bake this before, and I didn't have time to practice. I just depend on luck, and hoping I can do this right :D I adapted the recipe a bit, still using the Chiboust Cream though, but I combine this delicate pastry with Mango preserve.

What a messy assembly

Chiboust Cream and Mango Preserve

3. Mini Cream Puff. Because I baked a lot of mini cream puff for Saint Honore, it's better if I sell them as well. I filled this mini puff with mango custard. It has a kinda hard shell, but when you bite it, the creamy custard is balancing the shell.

Sugar glaze on mini cream puff

4. Cookies. Too bad I didn't have enough time to bake this, so I asked
one of my friend to fill in this one job.

5. Cake Pop. Now, this one is a hit at the showcase! I read and read and practice and more practice. Why the cake fall off? How to melt the chocolate? Which cake is better for the cake pop? And so on.. I got them all, but still, practice makes you better.

Inside the cake pop

And I tried to make macaron. But it didn't succeed. Too bad :( I think it'll be a hit too.

Anyway, this event take place about err... 3 months ago. Yea yeah, i was so lazy updating my blog. But here's some of the pictures!

Whoops.. one of the cream puff fall off!

Little Bianca confused, pink or the blue one?

Blue it is!

aww... look at her chubby cute face

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Concorde Cake My Way

I made this before, for my friend's birthday. The last disc broken up when i'm about to arrange them. Damn! one disk took me 2 hours to bake. Anyway, aside from the last broken disk (and of course i didn't give it to her) it actually great, the combination between meringue and dark chocolate mousse. I ended up eating half of that 20cm cake at 9 pm, after dinner! Hahaha i do realized that was a enormous calorie i had, and as i remember, i think i got some sugar-high back then XD

This time, again, and i don't know why, i chose to bake this again for another friend's birthday. I made smaller version, though. Cake-sliced size, about 4cm x 8cm. And i think it tastes better when you put it in a fridge for a while. Fyi, Concorde Cake is a satisfying dessert of the chocolate meringue disk and creamy layers of chocolate mousse, topped with meringue tubes. Because this is a Concorde Cake My Way, i made this more simple, just layers of sweet meringue and dark chocolate mousse with a dust of cocoa. Simple, but it will make you yell "Oh, my goodness!!"

Concorde Cake My Way

For Cocoa Meringue
280 gr (6-7) egg whites
500 gr icing sugar
3 tbs cocoa powder

For Dark Chocolate Mousse (you can prepare this the day before)
200 gr dark chocolate --> choose any of your favorite dark chocolate, the darker the better :)
200 ml cream
200 ml whipped cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt

Meringue :
1. Prepare baking sheet. Draw shapes on the baking sheet as you want. It'll be easier later where to pipe. I drew 4cm x 8cm rectangles on mine. Fit about 9 pieces of rectangles, and still remain some space, so i drew more 2 lines 1cm x 28cm. Reverse the baking sheet, pipe on the other side.

2. Sift together the icing sugar and cocoa powder. Beat the egg whites with a electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually beat in the sugar-cocoa and the continue beating until stiff peaks form and the meringue looks glossy and smooth.

3. Preheat oven to 110C. Fit a piping bag with the large plain tube (or you can just cut your piping bag about 1cm). Fill with the meringue, pipe it over the prepared baking sheet, starting from the edge and working inwards filling the edge. With the remaining meringue, pipe into the long lines.

4. Bake for 2 hours, until the meringue is crisp and thoroughly dry. Let them cool and carefully peel off the paper.

Dark Chocolate Mousse :

1. Chop the dark chocolate into a smaller size. Put it in a microwave-save bowl. Microwave for 1 min, until they half melted and stir them. The heat will melt the rest.

2. Boil the cream with saucepan. When you starting to see bubbles, pout them over the melted chocolate. Let stand for 1-2 mins. This is what we called ganache.

3. Meanwhile, whip the cream with electric mixer. Make sure the cream is cold, and much better when your
bowl and beater is cold too. Fold in gently the whipped cream to chocolate ganache. Mix in vanilla and salt. Let it cool, and put in the fridge. You can eat it right away, or maybe you should wait for the meringue for better :D

Assembling :
With rosette piping tube, fill the mousse and pipe on a meringue. Top with another meringue, and pipe the mousse again. Place another meringue on top. Dust the cocoa powder.
If you like it, you can decorate the cake with the thin lines meringue. Cut them into small pieces and put the on top of the meringue, dust with cocoa powder. There you go! Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

Taraaaa~ you have your concorde cake!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Egg Benedict

This dish is inspired by E. I asked her, how does she like her eggs? And without even thinking, she answered Egg Benedict! Well, because of her answer that day, I made this. As simple as that :)


Recipe from here along with the tips and trick. I use a store-bought whole wheat dinner roll to make my life easier. There was some kind of disaster happened when I make the hollandaise sauce, I forgot to close the lid when I use my blender to mix the sauce. Fireworks happened in the kitchen that day. Except this was "Sauceworks" hahahahaha I guess my sauce here was too thin in attempt 1.0. There will be attempt 2.0 for sure :)

And I love how my poached egg turned out. It is not as hard as it sound. I was always intimidated to make perfect poached egg before. You only need the secret ingredient : lemon juice, or vinegar will works too.

Inside the poached egg. Just perfect.

Up close!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baking Marathon

It's a good thing your aunt has a nice built-in oven and she rarely use it. My cousins use it sometimes, though :) and out of nowhere, we decided to have a Cousins Baking Weekend. Yay~

Right out from oven

We had a long talk that week before decided what to bake. Choices were brownies, apple crumble, cake pop, banana or carrot cake, scones, and many more. Then we tried to narrow down what we want to bake, Jw wanted to bake brownies because her son love it much, L wanted apple crumble because her colleague did a great job with apple crumble and she wanted more of it, C went with everything she can eat, and I can really bake anything cause I miss oven so much! But because of the time limit, I guess we can only choose two of them, so we go with apple crumble galette and banana quick bread.

#1 Banana Quick Bread
I got the recipe from Food Network Magazine, the article only gives you the ingredients proportion, not the actual recipe.
1 : Choose your fruit. We go banana!
2 : Choose your adds in. I bought my favorite nut, almond, and I still have peanut butter chip in the fridge that I brought along. Plus chocolate chip for sure!
3 : Prepare your batter.
4 : Mix mix mix. Pour the batter to the greased loaf pan.
5 : Wait for the Ding! moment

Well, turned out we got so much time to kill. After we finished putting the banana quick bread batter into the oven, we have to wait about 55mins. So Jw thought we can do extra cake, let's go for brownies! Fortunately, we have all the ingredients ready.

When the banana bread is almost done, we put the brownies in oven

#2 Chocolate Brownies
I've made this before. And I realized just now, at this moment, that I never post it before. My bad. I just put some note in my recipe book that this recipe makes a wonderful brownies, it is crisp on top, but fudgy and chewy inside. My kind of brownies. I got this recipe from ZoomYummy.

Last time I made this, I baked it in 20cm x 20cm pan. It came out perfect. But this time, I didn't know what's wrong. Was it the pan? The heat of the oven? Or in the process of making the batter? But it came out wrong. It's still undercooked in the middle. The batter was still runny, even after we cooled it down. So we put it back in the oven for more half an hour . But I guess it's too late. Well, we managed to cut the cooked sides. It still tasted great, the problem was only in the texture.

Ding! moment for banana bread. The result : it was wonderful. The exterior was crisp and flavorful, while the interior was so moist and the peanut butter chip really makes this quick bread one level up!
You see the crisp exterior? That's the best stuff

Extra batter = Banana Bread in cupcake

#3 Apple Galette Crumble
Now, this one, I've made it before, and I've posted it too. This recipe is a combination of two recipes : Cinnamon Apple Galette and Apple Crumble Cake. I just added the crumble thing from the latter recipe to the galette. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of this one :( But you get the picture, crumbles on apple galette.

After this, I hope there will be more Cousins Baking Weekend!

Talking about banana, who doesn't love The Minions from the movie Despicable Me? I looooovee them so much. There will be Despicable Me 2 in July 2013. Have you watched this video? I love it so much, now it's set as my ringtone :D