Monday, March 21, 2011

Butterism on Tea Party

Strawberry, Lemon and Mint

I always love Chartreuse, this apple green color

Yayy~ I was so excited when my boss ask me to join her little showcase party. So the idea was several designers gather in this one event showing their artworks, and sell them, of course. There's clutch, accessories, shoes, dress, toddler clothes, and me as the pastry designer (that sounds good, isn't it? pastry designer :) )

I was a little bit worried, though. This is my first time trying to sell what I b
aked. So far, I just baking for my own happiness and relatives birthday. Oh, and for my boss' anniversary too. Wondering and asking myself, am I capable to organize my little showcase? Here's the thing, I'm a pessimistic, but on the other hand, J's annoyingly an optimist and positive person. Then he convinced me that I definitely can do this. So, what the heck, let's do this! :)

After couple days of research and research, I decided to bake :
1. Margarita Cupcake. which is basically a vanilla cupcake, with lemon cream cheese frosting, plus lime and straw for garnish.

It supposed to be a key lime with white pulp.
I accidentally grab the wrong lime -.-"

2. Saint Honoré. I was so intrigued to bake this when I saw this LV's video ad and this post. I never bake this before, and I didn't have time to practice. I just depend on luck, and hoping I can do this right :D I adapted the recipe a bit, still using the Chiboust Cream though, but I combine this delicate pastry with Mango preserve.

What a messy assembly

Chiboust Cream and Mango Preserve

3. Mini Cream Puff. Because I baked a lot of mini cream puff for Saint Honore, it's better if I sell them as well. I filled this mini puff with mango custard. It has a kinda hard shell, but when you bite it, the creamy custard is balancing the shell.

Sugar glaze on mini cream puff

4. Cookies. Too bad I didn't have enough time to bake this, so I asked
one of my friend to fill in this one job.

5. Cake Pop. Now, this one is a hit at the showcase! I read and read and practice and more practice. Why the cake fall off? How to melt the chocolate? Which cake is better for the cake pop? And so on.. I got them all, but still, practice makes you better.

Inside the cake pop

And I tried to make macaron. But it didn't succeed. Too bad :( I think it'll be a hit too.

Anyway, this event take place about err... 3 months ago. Yea yeah, i was so lazy updating my blog. But here's some of the pictures!

Whoops.. one of the cream puff fall off!

Little Bianca confused, pink or the blue one?

Blue it is!

aww... look at her chubby cute face

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