Monday, November 15, 2010

Concorde Cake My Way

I made this before, for my friend's birthday. The last disc broken up when i'm about to arrange them. Damn! one disk took me 2 hours to bake. Anyway, aside from the last broken disk (and of course i didn't give it to her) it actually great, the combination between meringue and dark chocolate mousse. I ended up eating half of that 20cm cake at 9 pm, after dinner! Hahaha i do realized that was a enormous calorie i had, and as i remember, i think i got some sugar-high back then XD

This time, again, and i don't know why, i chose to bake this again for another friend's birthday. I made smaller version, though. Cake-sliced size, about 4cm x 8cm. And i think it tastes better when you put it in a fridge for a while. Fyi, Concorde Cake is a satisfying dessert of the chocolate meringue disk and creamy layers of chocolate mousse, topped with meringue tubes. Because this is a Concorde Cake My Way, i made this more simple, just layers of sweet meringue and dark chocolate mousse with a dust of cocoa. Simple, but it will make you yell "Oh, my goodness!!"

Concorde Cake My Way

For Cocoa Meringue
280 gr (6-7) egg whites
500 gr icing sugar
3 tbs cocoa powder

For Dark Chocolate Mousse (you can prepare this the day before)
200 gr dark chocolate --> choose any of your favorite dark chocolate, the darker the better :)
200 ml cream
200 ml whipped cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt

Meringue :
1. Prepare baking sheet. Draw shapes on the baking sheet as you want. It'll be easier later where to pipe. I drew 4cm x 8cm rectangles on mine. Fit about 9 pieces of rectangles, and still remain some space, so i drew more 2 lines 1cm x 28cm. Reverse the baking sheet, pipe on the other side.

2. Sift together the icing sugar and cocoa powder. Beat the egg whites with a electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually beat in the sugar-cocoa and the continue beating until stiff peaks form and the meringue looks glossy and smooth.

3. Preheat oven to 110C. Fit a piping bag with the large plain tube (or you can just cut your piping bag about 1cm). Fill with the meringue, pipe it over the prepared baking sheet, starting from the edge and working inwards filling the edge. With the remaining meringue, pipe into the long lines.

4. Bake for 2 hours, until the meringue is crisp and thoroughly dry. Let them cool and carefully peel off the paper.

Dark Chocolate Mousse :

1. Chop the dark chocolate into a smaller size. Put it in a microwave-save bowl. Microwave for 1 min, until they half melted and stir them. The heat will melt the rest.

2. Boil the cream with saucepan. When you starting to see bubbles, pout them over the melted chocolate. Let stand for 1-2 mins. This is what we called ganache.

3. Meanwhile, whip the cream with electric mixer. Make sure the cream is cold, and much better when your
bowl and beater is cold too. Fold in gently the whipped cream to chocolate ganache. Mix in vanilla and salt. Let it cool, and put in the fridge. You can eat it right away, or maybe you should wait for the meringue for better :D

Assembling :
With rosette piping tube, fill the mousse and pipe on a meringue. Top with another meringue, and pipe the mousse again. Place another meringue on top. Dust the cocoa powder.
If you like it, you can decorate the cake with the thin lines meringue. Cut them into small pieces and put the on top of the meringue, dust with cocoa powder. There you go! Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

Taraaaa~ you have your concorde cake!


  1. wow.. the picture already made me go crazy, so I think you nailed it! :)) It really looks very good.

    Greets from BFC !!!

  2. really? thx a lot for the compliment :D