Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet me, One of the Butterist. of the butterist. Because i'm pretty sure there's a whole lot of butterist out there. I’m Eugenia. And here i am, starting my very first blog! Yay to meeee :D Over all my blog is about recipes, some cooking and baking, and some other stuff i do from my life.

I'm just starting this baking things about 6 months ago. I'm an amateur at this thing. But i am, still, practicing and learning. Mostly from people’s blogs. And google. All of those sources makes me really want to have my own blog, sharing all the thing i’ve made, and maybe getting all the help from other blogger who have same passion as mine. Oh, before i forgot, you may see some of failure baking here. Please do understand me, i'm learning to be a butterist here :)

Welcome to my blog. And enjoy!

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