Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No-bake Chocolate Tart

I'm still looking for a new oven. So it's been like 5 months I didn't bake anything. But that doesn't stop me for making sweets. Well, a bit, since I can't make cookies. But I can make tart! A no-bake tart. A chocolate tart. Sure is sweet :)

I come up with this tart from so many resources, and try to merge them to an edible tart.

No-bake Chocolate Tart
Serve 10-12 in 8-9" tart pan

For no-bake crust
About 180gr digestive biscuit, I use sari gandum
6 tbs butter
6 tbs maple syrup
4 tbs sugar (you can adjust the sweetness according to the biscuit you use, mine was rather plain so I use extra sugar)

For the chocolate ganache
300 ml chopped dark chocolate (you read it right, it's in ml. I chopped the chocolate in small pieces and put it in measuring cup)
250 ml heavy cream
pinch of salt

Crust :
1. Line the bottom of 8" springform pan with baking sheet. Set aside.

2. Melt the butter in a small bowl using microwave while you crust the biscuit into crumbs. Let it cool a bit.

3. In a medium bowl, combine the biscuit crumbs, melted butter, maple syrup and sugar. Mix until the crumbs are moistened and in a crumbly paste form. Transfer the crust onto lined springform pan. Level and press to the bottom of the pan about 0.5cm thick using hand or spatula and neatly taper at the edge.

4. Cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge about 3hours or until you get the filling ready. Can be stored for 2-3 days.

Chocolate Ganache
1. Chopped chocolate in small pieces and put it in measuring cup to more or less 300ml. Transfer chocolate to big bowl and put a pinch of salt in it too.

2. Heat the heavy cream in sauce pan, just until it start to boil. Slowly pour it to the chocolate bowl. Let it steep for 5 mins.

3. Mix the chocolate and cream gently to avoid any classic
ganache problems, such as curdles or bubbly ganache. Mix until chocolate and cream completely incorporated.

4. Pour the chocolate ganache to the prepared crust. Allow the tart to cool in room temperature before you chill it in fridge.

No-bake Chocolate Tart is ready to serve :)


  1. Lovely! I´ve got to "not baking" one of these some day, it looks soooo tasty! :D

  2. Wow I can't help not to comment on this one, this one is absolutely amazing!

  3. Cornelia : Thanks :) It really is good and easy..

    J : Thanks boyfie, more of this will come!

  4. hei!! I am really looking for this kind of tart :D and the main thing is,,you use Indonesia product I mean the biscuit :D

  5. Mine came out really really liquidy, I ended up using all-purpose cream, it really has to be heavy cream?

    1. Hmmm.. I never heard of all purpose cream before. It's probably has something to do with that. Maybe you should try to temper the chocolate ganache or change to heavy cream. Give it a try and let me know if it's work! :)

  6. Quick question - how long can the completed tart be stored for?

    1. to be honest, I'm not sure about this. I've made this twice and it was gone at the same day! But I guess a week in the fridge will be fine :)

  7. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! I have been dying without an oven & I love chocolate tart so much!

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